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Lift, tighten & tone cellulite-prone areas.

Hormones, genetics, and several other factors can cause stubborn fat and cellulite in specific parts of the body. Diet and exercise efforts can often feel insufficient in achieving firm and toned contours. Morpheus8 Body offers an FDA-approved, non-surgical alternative to lift, tighten, and tone cellulite-prone areas of your body.

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Remodel deep tissue for firmer contours

Morpheus8 Body is an FDA-approved, advanced microneedling device that is used for firming the skin and treating cellulite. This minimally invasive treatment liquifies fat and restores a smooth, tightened and toned look to cellulite-prone areas of the body.

How does it work?

Morpheus8 Body is equipped with Burst Technology that delivers pulses of radiofrequency (RF) energy through its microneedles to various depths of the skin. The heat generated from this RF device liquefies fat and tightens the skin, allowing for the remodeling of skin tissue of up to 8mm in depth. The device’s advanced ability to target deep tissue makes for swift treatment times with minimal to no skin injury while treating cellulite and tightening the skin.

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What results can I expect?

Morpheus8 Body can target, contour, and visibly lift the skin in your abdomen/stomach region, upper arms, thighs, and other cellulite-prone areas of the body.

While downtime depends on the intensity of treatment and areas targeted, patients typically resume their routine activities within 24-48 hours. Following the aftercare instructions prescribed by your provider at Revitalyze can help you enjoy the results you desire with minimal side effects.

Patients typically begin to observe noticeable changes within the first week of treatment. However, the number of sessions needed to achieve desired results would depend on your unique needs and treatment goals. Significant improvements in skin texture and contours begin to appear within the first month of treatment, and patients continue to see improvements for up to 3 months post-treatment.

Am I a good candidate for Morpheus8 Body contouring?

Morpheus8 Body offers a non-invasive approach to target stubborn fat and contour specific areas of your body. You might be a good candidate for exploring this treatment if you’re looking to:
  • Contour cellulite-prone areas of your body
  • Reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks
  • Firm and lift lax skin
  • Smooth uneven skin texture

Wondering if Morpheus8 Body contouring is the right treatment for you? You don’t have to find all the answers by yourself. At Revitalyze, our team of experts is here to clarify your questions and recommend a treatment plan for you. Book online today.

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Do you offer pain management for this treatment?

We offer Pro-Nox™ for any procedure upon request. Pro-Nox is an FDA-cleared system that uses a blend of 50/50 Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen analgesic gas designed to give patients 100% control through self-administration. This 50/50 mixture of nitrous oxide provides short-term pain, anxiety, and stress relief without the need to “go under.”


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