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Vampire Facial®

Revitalize, rejuvenate, and renew your skin with the Vampire Facial.

Vampire Facials are a revolutionary skincare treatment where science meets beauty in a transformative way. The Vampire Facial is a cutting-edge treatment that harnesses the healing power of your own blood to rejuvenate your skin and restore youthful vitality.

Elevate your beauty routine with regenerative medicine.

A Vampire Facial, also known as microneedling with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), is a cosmetic procedure that can significantly improve the skin’s overall appearance. This procedure stimulates collagen production in your skin, resulting in rejuvenation and a younger-looking complexion.

How does it work?

A Vampire Facial works by harnessing the healing properties of your own blood. It starts with drawing a small sample of your blood. This blood is then processed to isolate the platelet-rich plasma packed with growth factors that can stimulate cell regeneration and collagen production.

The next step involves microneedling, where tiny needles are used to create small wounds in the skin. This process not only helps in the absorption of the PRP but also triggers the skin’s natural healing response, further stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin fibers.

Finally, the PRP can be applied topically to the skin. This infusion of growth factors speeds up the healing process, promoting the formation of new, healthy skin cells and enhancing the overall appearance and glow of your skin.

What results can I expect?

One of the key benefits of this treatment is the stimulation of collagen production. When used in a Vampire Facial, PRP encourages the growth of collagen, a vital protein that lends firmness and elasticity to your skin. This increase in collagen can lead to a noticeable reduction in wrinkles and fine lines.

The procedure also ensures improved skin texture and tone. A significant number of patients have reported a more even skin tone and enhanced texture following a Vampire Facial. These benefits can be attributed to the rejuvenating effects of PRP combined with the process of microneedling. Together, they work to minimize the appearance of sun damage, scars, and other skin irregularities.

Unlike certain other cosmetic procedures, the results of a Vampire Facial are typically natural-looking and long-lasting. This is because the treatment harnesses your body’s own biological materials, namely your blood and platelets, to instigate healing and regeneration. Many patients have reported visible improvements in their skin for up to a year after undergoing the treatment.

Am I a good candidate for a Vampire Facial?

A good candidate for a Vampire Facial typically has signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, and other skin imperfections. The treatment aims to increase collagen production, which can help address skin depressions and under-eye hollows.

Wondering if a Vampire Facial is the right treatment for you? You don’t have to find all the answers by yourself. Our team of experts at Revitalyze are here to clarify your questions and recommend a treatment plan that’s right for you. Book online today.

Do you offer pain management for this treatment?

We offer Pro-Nox™ for any procedure upon request. Pro-Nox is an FDA-cleared system that uses a blend of 50/50 Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen analgesic gas designed to give patients 100% control through self-administration. This 50/50 mixture of nitrous oxide provides short-term pain, anxiety, and stress relief without the need to “go under.”


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